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New Year’s Resolution: Do more blogging

Hi all,

It’s 2012 which means it’s time to make some new year’s resolutions. My most important resolution (beyond losing 30 pounds and getting rich quick) is to write more. I realize I spend a lot of time on message boards arguing about things I would never argue about in person, ie, religion and politics. I also spend a fair amount of time perusing weird news stories, watching preview clips on gaming sites, and reading about random historical topics. In other words, wasting way too much time doing stuff that doesn’t really enrich my life that much.

I’ve also had hammered into me the concept that being a dad completely changes how I look at time as much as it has changed how I look at money. It used to be I could blow hours goofing off online and still have plenty of time to work out, clean the house, spend time with friends, etc. Now, that’s not true – every minute I spend on YouTube or Penny Arcade or arguing about the latest budget bill comes at the expense of something else. I also find myself using Facebook in an unhealthy way. Instead of spending time posting about what makes me happy, I spend time lurking and wondering why my life isn’t as great as former classmates or coworkers.

So this January, I’m trying something new. My resolution to myself and you dear reader is to update my blog at least once a week. I can’t promise that all my posts will be extraordinary, but I hope they will be all entertaining. And at the very least I hope that by writing this blog I will spur myself to do more freelance and fiction writing.

BTW, words of encouragement are always welcome. Merciless mocking if I don’t post are also encouraged.


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