Beer & Diapers

Memoirs of a millennial dad

Dan’s cutest moment

There are times that your kid just blows you away with just how sweet he can be. The other day Kate, Dan and I were at the Fircrest tot lot when a little girl named Dorothy came up to look at his Thomas trike. Now normally, Danny would get super defensive about anyone touching his ride, but in this case he let Dorothy hop on instead. He then got behind her and began to push her around the tot lot track. At one point, he wandered off and she looked very pouty, calling for Daniel to come back and help her. Then Daniel lifts his hand into the air and proclaims “I am super Daniel and I’m here to help.” With that he pushes her all the way around.

I certainly got a lesson in just how wonderful your kids can act when they don’t think you’re closely watching. And I think Daniel got his first lesson in how to impress girls.


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