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On Loss

This weekend the DeWeese family had a great time at the Pierce County kite festival. The brilliant August sky over Chambers Bay was filled with sparkling kites of every color and description. Veteran kite performers and little tykes like Daniel stood side by side, pulling the strings to make their kites dance in the cool beach breeze. Our little guy even got the chance to make a new kite in his favorite color – all green with bright green trailings.  A big thanks to the Pierce County Kitefliers Association for helping him build a kite that was actually sturdier than the $9 Angry Birds kite we had originally bought.

But overshadowing the happiness was a profound sense of loss. Two nights before some stupid kid or addled methhead had broken into Kate’s car and stolen her iPod Touch. If it was a kid, then i forgive him though he crossed a big line that I would have never crossed in my most impish teenage moments. If it was a methhead, then I hope the sores on his face begin to ooze and his teeth all rot out. Now, the device itself isn’t worth more than $75 at the most. But what was locked inside was several months worth of video and photo memories that our now lost forever. Pictures from my “Pirate Looks at 40 birthday,” our trip to Leavenworth, Daniel’s first day at the ocean – all gone. We can’t help but to feel in  violated about what happened. It’s so tragic that in our world people see the opportunity to make a handful of cash as worthy of wiping out the record of some big milestones for Kate, Daniel and I.

I guess I should feel comforted that we didn’t lose all our photo albums or my back-up discs of all the family photos. And while we’re on the subject of First World Problems, my wife and kid are safe from being blown to bits in or tortured and raped by extremists, which is more than a lot of people living in Gaza or Iraq can say. And my loss is so minor compared to the light of Robin Williams leaving the world. But that story just opens greater wounds as  I reflect on all the people close to me who have been claimed by depression. It seems that in times like this all we can do is to keep our heads down as troubles come not singly but in battalions (sorry English grads for butchering Shakespeare there). Easier said then done.


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